Knife-edge seal

hpp-knife-edge-seal The efficiency stated for most air cleaners is purely theoretical. Internal leakage drastically reduces the actual efficiency of most air cleaners. IQAir systems feature patented triple sealing technology. First, a unique process ensures that the filter media is 100 percent sealed in the filter frame. Second, our patented 3D UltraSeal ensures perfect knife-edge-in-groove sealing between filter frame and housing. Third, individual seals on each housing module ensure an airtight housing. As a result, IQAir systems have a total system efficiency that is higher than the theoretical efficiency of conventional air cleaners.

Red label fan

red-label-fan IQAir systems use the highest quality fan motor available. The IQAir centrifugal, backward-curved Red Label fan (named for its distinctive color and design) has an astonishing 700 cfm (1200 m3/h) rating at 2750 rpm. Because each fan is individually balanced and uses steel ball bearings, it outlasts other fans by years. The revolutionary design of the fan features a seven-bladed design that boosts airflow while reducing noise. The IQAir Red Label fan is suspended in a housing unit that isolates the fan from the housing with eight shock absorbers to further reduce noise.