Should I use my home vacuum cleaner at work – office or shop?

Our experience shows that work vacuum cleaners can be used by a number of different people and, with all their best intentions, can be treated harshly. Commercial vacuum cleaners, even small ones are built to be more robust and with less features than domestic vacuum cleaners. In the long run it could be better economy to supply your place of work with a vacuum cleaner more suited to the task. We carry commercial quality vacuums and service them locally so your down time is minimized. Back to topQ9. My vacuum cleaner has a dirty smell. How can I get rid of this?

Often you can remove or reduce bad smells by replacing bags and filters. If you get your vacuum cleaner serviced this will be done as well as having your motor blown clean. If you have a cloth bag (particularly the type that cannot be washed), you should replace it or try to find a paper bag replacement. You can also purchase specially made perfumed deodorizers for your vacuum cleaner that will greatly help eliminate bad smells.