My vacuum cleaner seems to have lost suction. What can I do about this?

Check that the bag is not too full or that filters are dirty or blocked. If so, change the bag and/or filters and re-test suction. Remove hose and check suction at the machine end. If suction is good, there may be a hose blockage or partial blockage. To check, drop a five-cent coin in one end of the hose. If it doesn’t go readily through the hose and drop out the other end, you probably have a blockage. Attach the hose to the blower fitting on your vacuum cleaner, or if this is not available on your vacuum cleaner, put the handle end in the machine and switch it on. This has the effect of reversing the air flow in the hose and it might clear the blockage from your hose.If the above doses not help, contact us or visit Quality Vacuum.