We stand behind our products – please use our FAQs to help answer your questions and learn about maintaining your vacuum cleaner.

My vacuum cleaner seems to have lost suction. What can I do about this?

Check that the bag is not too full or that filters are dirty or blocked. If so, change the bag and/or filters and re-test suction. Remove hose and check suction at the machine end. If suction is good, there may be a hose blockage or partial blockage. To check, drop a five-cent coin in one end of the hose. If it doesn’t go readily through the hose and drop out the other end, you probably have a blockage. Attach the hose to the blower fitting on your vacuum cleaner, or if this is not available on your vacuum cleaner, put the handle end in the machine and switch it on. This has the effect of reversing the air flow in the hose and it might clear the blockage from your hose.If the above doses not help, contact us or visit Quality Vacuum.

Does my vacuum cleaner need to be serviced?

Many manufacturers recommend an annual service for your vacuum cleaner. This is important, not only to actually clean and service your vacuum cleaner, but also to alert you to potential problems caused by overfilled bags, blocked filters or hoses, etc. With a serviced machine and a well maintained filtration system, you can expect a longer, more effective life from your vacuum cleaner. Also much cleaner carpet, floors and air you breathe.

Can my vacuum cleaner pick up water?

Most machines that have the ability to pick up water will clearly show this on the machine, such as “Wet/dry Vac”, etc. Typically, wet/dry machines are canister style with the motor that lifts off the top of the canister and some type of float mechanism under the motor (to stop excessive filling). If you are unsure, please contact us to verify this. (1-888-875-1726) If you use a dry only machine to pick up water, it will almost certainly damage your machine and could be dangerous to you.

Can I use my vacuum cleaner to clean the fireplace?

Yes, but ensure that any coals are entirely cold (not even slightly warm) and that you replace the filter bag and check the filters because charcoal dust is very fine and it could do significant damage to your vacuum.

Are bagless vacuum cleaners better than bagged vacuum cleaners?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both designs. In general, bag machines move the air through the vacuum in a more efficient manner and provide considerably more cleaning power. You replace simple filter bags which mean less direct handling of dirt, dust and allergens. Bagless machines require more maintenance to empty, clean and unplug. The expense of replacement filters can exceed the cost of replacing filter bags. If you are unsure, the best idea is to go to Quality Vacuum and try both types to see which type suits you..

I have a sore back. Is an upright vacuum cleaner better for me to clean my carpet?

It is a fairly common perception that an upright will be easier for people with a sore back. If you have a sore back, you definitely should look at a vacuum designed to operate with every little effort. Quality Vacuum stocks several different upright and canister vacuums you can try out in our store. The satisfaction of your machine selection is covered by Quality Vacuum’s 30 day money back guarantee.xt.

My upright vacuum cleaner (or powerbrush) sounds like it is working but isn’t picking up properly. What could be wrong?

It is most likely that your drive belt has either stretched or broken. This can happen over time just through wear and tear. The belt also acts as a safety valve if you accidentally try to pick up something which jams the spinning brush – rather than the motor taking the stress, the belt will break. (Hint: If you have a rug with tassles, always work an upright or powerbrush from the rug to the floor rather than the other way.)

The motor on my vacuum cleaner sounds noisy. Should I get it serviced?

If your vacuum cleaner motor is too noisy, it may be too late. Take it to Quality Vacuum and get us to take a look at it. Sometimes a service can help prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner.

When should I change filters?

Machines vary and manufacturer’s instructions will differ from model to model. In general check your filters every 2-to4 weeks to ensure that they are not blocked with dirt. If filters are not maintained, performance is greatly reduced, the air that exits your machine will not be as clean and blockages may put extra stress on the vacuum cleaner motor and reduce its effective life.

How do I find the right replacement paper bag for my vacuum cleaner?

If you can’t find the right bag, contact us and if we don’t have your filter bag in stock we will happily order it for you.